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  • Global Permaculture Gameworlds


    Permaculture is conscious design of nature-mimicking systems providing for human needs locally.


    Permaculture is a global gameworld at a global crossroads.


    Either Permaculture 'phoenixes' itself and starts over with personal transformation at its core, or the evolutionary needs of people will drive them elsewhere and the Permaculture gameworld will collapse like a chocolate Easter bunny, sweet on the outside and hollow on the inside.


    Deep ecology is an ecological and environmental philosophy promoting the inherent worth of living beings regardless of their instrumental utility to human needs, plus a restructuring of modern human societies in accordance with such ideas.


    Transformation is any holistic nonlinear change process to an unknowable future state which is navigated through skilled trial-and-error actions that give birth to newly invented mindsets, worldviews, gamerules, culture, and behaviors with improved results.


    Whole Permaculture facilitates the emergence of a more conscious Permaculture.


    Whole Permaculture includes the Inner Permaculture toolset of distinctions, maps, thoughtware, and initiatory processes that facilitate the evolution of consciousness. This way the inner reactions to outer interactions have the same sustainable elegance and regenerative abundance as a permaculture garden.


    Inner Permaculture and Outer Permaculture are two sides of the same land: Whole Permaculture.


    The transformed future state of holistic Inner and Outer Permaculture is so radically different from the current state of Permaculture that the people and culture will change to implement it successfully. Without these 'inner' shifts of mindset and culture, the 'external' implementation of new structures, systems, processes or technology do not produce their intended results.


    For example, many large IT projects fail because they require a mindset and culture change that is not successfully facilitated, If the new strategy requires people to share information across strongly held boundaries or to put the needs of the enterprise over their own turf agendas, behaviors which until that moment were forbidden, inner changes are needed. Without these changes in attitude and behavior, people the change fails to deliver its potential.


    Evolving Permaculture to include transformation at its center is a scary, unpredictable process where stress skyrockets and emotions run high. Learning new tools for navigating stress and emotions is a key deliverable of Inner Permaculture, exactly the resources needed to facilitate and navigate the shifts.

  • Inner & Outer Permaculture Merging Into Whole Permaculture

    "If we work to change the structures, but neglect the patterns of human behavior that both create and sustain the structures, we are doomed to recreate and/or re-inhabit the same structures all over again. Focusing solely on structural change while neglecting behavioral change becomes self-defeating."


    - David Diamond, Theatre For Living

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  • Outer Permaculture Meets Inner Permaculture

    Conversation between Dan Palmer, originator of http://makingpermaculturestronger.net (which is becoming a book!), and http://veryediblegardens.com.au


    Clinton Callahan, author of Radiant Joy Brilliant Love, Conscious Feelings, and Goodnight Feelings, and originator of http://PossibilityManagement.org.

  • ...You Become Whole Permaculture - The Possibility Of Relatedness

    Gaian Road Team conversation between transpersonal psychology researcher John Welwood (died 2019) and Clinton Callahan about the possibility of being fully human... the path of becoming whole human beings.

  • Humanity Is Already In The Shift From Patriarchy To Archearchy

    Culture shift occurs through both internal and external behavior change, Inner-Permaculture and Outer-Permaculture.

    What is your part in facilitating this shift?

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    "Picking up this book for the first time is to hold a route map to the future in the palm of your hand. Use what you learn from it and be warned your life will change forever. You will become a co-creator of a beautiful new world. People & Permaculture is a pathway to this new world. It will indeed change your life if you absorb its wisdom and apply its tools and techniques. It will enhance your personal and professional relationships and help you to design better projects. It is a big step forward in permaculture thinking and a valuable addition to any library. May it bring you balance and fulfilment and enable you to become an even more effective advocate for the Earth."

    --Polly Higgins, Barrister, author of Eradicating Ecocide


    "This book is cause for celebration! Many of us have long hankered for the insights and principles of permaculture to be translated to serve all aspects of our lives. Looby Macnamara has been worth waiting for: she fills the bill with luminous clarity, lean eloquence and an exquisite knowledge of systems. Her opening chapters on 'Thinking like an Ecosystem' should be required reading in every classroom from third grade through graduate school. Equally rewarding are her applications of permaculture to health, communication and the life of the mind. It's part of the genius of the book that all this, once you see it, can seem as natural as breathing."

    --Joanna Macy, co-author, Active Hope: How to Face the Mess We're in Without Going Crazy


    "The application of permaculture principles and thinking to peoplecare has long been a vexed issue for permaculture activists, designers and teachers. In this book Looby Macnamara uses her solid grounding in permaculture to show that its principles and thinking can help us all be effective and hopeful in an age of change and challenge. In the process she draws in kindred ideas and influences from the field of peoplecare, making a significant contribution in the ongoing evolution of permaculture as a concept and a movement creating a better world."

    --David Holmgren, co-originator of the permaculture concept


    About the Author
    Looby has been teaching permaculture since 2002, and is partner of a leading teaching and consultancy venture, Designed Visions. She runs full permaculture design courses as well as teacher training, advanced permaculture design and peoplecare courses. Looby travels to Nepal to support the Himalayan Permaculture Centre. She has supported the development and growth of permaculture nationally through her input as trustee of the Permaculture Association (Britain) for 5 years (2001-2006) and was the Chairperson for two of these. She is still an active member of the permaculture community; she is a diploma tutor and is engaged with the education working group. Looby lives in Herefordshire with her partner Chris Evans and two daughters. She enjoys singing, yoga, gardening and making all sorts of things from cakes and wine, to clothes and blankets.

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  • David Holmgren & Dan Palmer Discovering a Handbook for Inner Permaculture

    Radiant Joy Brilliant Love by Clinton Callahan

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    This hard-hitting and innovative book immediately challenges the deceptions about love and intimacy rampant in today's patriarchal culture. At the same time, "Radiant Joy Brilliant Love" reveals a step-by-step process for discovering and living out alternative possibilities. The author claims that even the 'best' of our relationships are still generally basic level; what he calls 'Ordinary Human Relationship'. He asserts that two more domains remain to be explored: namely, Extraordinary Human Relationship and Archetypal Love. The book shows exactly how to enter these new domains, and how to stay there long enough to cultivate genuine intimacy, nurturance, excitement and satisfaction together.



    “A powerful Instrument for learning love by doing exactly what its reviewers claimed. You won't digest this book, it will digest you. Reading it is like importing a computer virus that replaces everything in your hard drive regarding love that was wishy-washy and full of victimhood and installs clarity and personal responsibility. The light is so bright it may hurt your eyes. Clinton Callahan establishes a new "possibility" language that builds on and synthesizes previous psychological models and creates powerful new personal growth tools for self and relationship. This book is the closest thing to a manual of Awareness and Awakening that I have ever encountered. There is nowhere to hide from yourself after you've read this book. If you read it, you will share it with everyone who is important to you and use the concepts and experiments revealed every day for the rest of your blessed life.”

    --Peleg D. Midgett


    About the Author

    Clinton started experimenting to discover what it takes to unfold the immense potentials in people back in 1975 with small weekly Possibilty Teams. So many experiments unleashed fruitful results that collecting them and training others to deliver them evolved into what is now referred to as Possibility Management which blossoms into your life at Expand The Box trainings. Clinton authored Directing the Power of Conscious Feelings, and Goodnight Feelings, and with the team at General Memetics is currently sharing as much of Possibility Management as fast as he can through the massively-multiplayer online-and-offline personal-development thoughtware-upgrade game called StartOver.xyz.

  • What Then Shall We Do ?

    Comparing the Life and Practices of Outer-Permaculture and Inner-Permaculture

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    Outer-Permaculture Scanning the Ecosystem

    Every element of an ecosystem contributes to the whole. Either the ecosystem is thriving or something is out of balance. With such dynamic forces at work an imaginary 'steady-state' condition is not the objective. What an ecosystem needs to thrive is resilience. In part, resilience is achieved through ecosystem diversity, because diversity leads to stability. The awarenessed needed to notice every element of the whole system develop slowly over time through careful experimenting.

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    Inner-Permaculture Scanning the Ecosystem

    Scanning your upper world, middle world, and underworld, scanning your 5 Bodies, the resonance field, the coolness factor, noticing what you are noticing with, being aware of what you are aware of, paying attention to your attention, getting present, navigating the waking state, flowing power, getting centered, grounded and bubbled, distinguishing your Box from your Being, connecting Being-to-Being, choosing to enter adulthood and archetypal initiatory processes.

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    Outer-Permaculture Repairing and Preparing Soil

    The life of an ecosystem is the soil. Gaia knows this and over billions of years has produced enough living topsoil for plants and animals to thrive in even the harshest conditions. There is no bigger 'sin' than to let the soil dry out so microorganisms die, or allowing precious topsoil to be washed out to sea. Bringing soil back to life is the basis and focus of outer permaculture. Living soil needs care and protection.

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    Inner-Permaculture Repairing and Preparing Soil

    Building your Matrix, upgrading your thoughtware, owning your center and your authority, distinguishing your Box and your Gremlin, Phase 1 and Phase 2 of feelings work, opening your Pearl, distilling your Bright Principles, distilling your Shadow Principles, finding your Hidden Competing Commitments, preparing for and jacking-in to your Archetypal Lineage.

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    Outer-Permaculture Sprouting Seeds

    The genetic design of a seed carries the information of the entire ecosystem. Seeds sprout in their proper environment. Some seeds require scarification. Some would die from it. Some seeds demand freezing temperatures to mature when this would kill others. Some seeds depend on day-length and temperature-cycles to sprout. Others seem indifferent. Some seeds must journey through the digestive tract of an animal and require its feces for fertilizer. Others would die in there. Acid/base, clay/sand, mycelia, soaking... so many factors are important to building the soil and conditions matrix for healthy seed sprouting.

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    Inner-Permaculture Sprouting Seeds

    Your thoughtware is your seeds. You could think before you went to school. Where did you get your thoughtware? Your parents? Where did they get their thoughtware? You are probably using very outdated Standard Human Intelligence Thoughtware. Where can you get upgraded thoughtware? Certain books, talks, videos, workshops, trainings, initiatory processes, self surgeries such as Mind Machines, Brain Splits, Rewiring your Brain about fear, gaining proficiency in the 7 core skills and using the 13 tools on your energetic toolbelt. Distilling your Bright Principles and Shadow Principles. Having your Gremlin on a short leash. Entering Phase 2 of Feelings Work... so many factors add up to a healthy inner environment for thoughtware seeds to germinate and produce fruitful new behaviors.

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    Outer-Permaculture Pulling Weeds

    What do you define as a 'weed' actually? Each plant serves the Earth and the ecosystem in its own unique ways or it would not fit in. Is it aerating the soil? Adding nutrients? Providing shade? Chasing away predators? What is the plant actually doing there? Playacting the 'Lord of Death' without full awareness of whole system consequences may not be the smartest strategy.

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    Inner-Permaculture Pulling Weeds

    Healing processes and ongoing experimentation, checking your memetics, become an experimenter, become money, become Gaia, become a source, practicing your 3 Powers of Choosing, Declaring, and Asking, choosing which game to play: I win - you lose, I win - you win (win-win, which degrades to lose-lose through compromise), or Winning Happening. Are you feeding your Gremlin Low Drama or High Drama? Are you identifying with your Box or your Being?

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    Outer-Permaculture Harvesting Abundance

    What if you harvest so many squash but you have no recipes? What if you harvest so many squash but keep the squash in a damp place and they rot? Abundance may not be the solution some people hope it will be. How are you using what you are given? Are you able to shift and accept and use nature's abundance even if it does not match your comfort zone?

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    Inner-Permaculture Harvesting Abundance

    Appreciation, love, connection, communication, evolution, developement, co-intelligence, co-creation, discovery, community, inspiration, fulfillment, designing, building, and inhabiting next culture (archearchal) gameworlds together that make the existing gameworlds irrelevant, navigating 5-body intimacies, extraordinary and archetypal love. Who would you be if you were no longer living in scarcity? Who would you become if you were wanted and needed as you are?

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    Outer-Permaculture Building Resilience

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    Inner-Permaculture Building Resilience

    Fear and going into auto-pilot

    We have discovered that Fear's resonant tissue in our physical body is our nervous system. When the Fear is unconscious it builds pathway in our nervous system of survival reactions / habits. This happens over years and years of using the same survival reactions and it working - because we survived. We have physical roads in our body that leads over and over again to the same behaviour and results. The unconscious fear uses the pathway.


    It seems to me that one of the biggest work to do with Fear is making it conscious so that you can build new pathways of Being physically in your nervous system, but also in your intellectual, emotional, energetic, and eventually Archetypal bodies. The new pathways are created by doing the tinniest experiments of doing something completely different than what you are used to that make you 3, 5, 10, 12% afraid.

    You build inner Resilience in your ability to feel fear at low percentage so that your Fear more than one auto-pilot road to choose from.


    Go to Conscious Fear for such experiments. Warning: reading the experiments, even thinking about them DOES NOT create inner Resilience, the only thing that creates inner Resilience is DOING the experiments.

  • Reclaiming The Inner Worlds

    An awareness of the inner worlds is an essential part of our human heritage—those worlds that are invisible to our physical sight, but exist in other dimensions of reality. However, this awareness has been censored by rational consciousness and our present culture. This talk explores our need to reclaim our connection to these realities, to return to the greater wholeness to which we belong.

  • Resources

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